Box it up and ship it out

Our life is in boxes. Well, really our life has been moving into boxes for about a year now. We were preparing to move and we knew certain things in our lives would definitely be making the move with us. The items in our lives bring us joy, remind us of loved ones, help to make us feel at home, those are the thingss we look forward to bringing along with us. We began seriously boxing up our stuff in December and now we are looking forward to sending it ahead of us to Berlin and unboxing it all later this summer or early fall!

I find that I am amazed the things I have brought into my family. Why do I have so many useless objects that do not in fact enhance our lives? How is it that even living out of a few boxes I still seem to be able to purge bags of items each week?  I am happy to have all of this stuff sent ahead of us so we can focus on the remainder of the things to be done here before we go.


And now to get our life into suitcases!

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