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help us finish berlin

That math doesn’t add up!  
Keep reading to see how this equation plays out and how YOU can help us finish!

Sometimes Berlin feels so close. We’re without a home now and each day is focused on Berlin. We’re praying about it and talking about it all day. What is the reality? The reality is that we’re still 27% of our monthly budget from buying plane tickets and 32% of our monthly budget from moving to Berlin. It feels so close, and yet not close at all.

How can you help us finish? Pray with us! Pray for God to bring the needed partners alongside of us. Pray for the people of Berlin, pray that the ministries will have lasting and fruitful impact. Pray with us as we continue during this time of transition. None of this is possible without mountains of prayer.

Perhaps you’ve felt God leading you to partner with us financially. Great! We’re praying for people to partner with us by making a financial commitment to supporting monthly or annually. We are hoping to have our needed support committed by this Spring, so we can move once the kids finish school.

How does this look? We are praying for 23 people at $100 a month, 23 people at $50 a month, and 23 people at $25 a month.  When these remaining people join with us, we’ll be have 100% of the monthly support needed so we can move.  That’s how 23+23+23=100 in this thinking. Is joining us at one of these amounts something you feel led to do? If you are already a monthly supporter is God leading you to increase your support? Are there people you know who are, or might be, interested in Berlin who you could introduce us to ?  All these things are possible ways to help us finish. Certainly there could be more, if you think of them let us know!  Please share this post and help us spread the word!

Thank you for praying with us. If there are specific ways we can be praying with and for you please let us know. It is our joy to lift you up in prayer so send us an email, facebook message, or text.

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