Ministry update – October 2013

Stepping out in faith.

After more than fourteen years of service at the EFCA National Office, Denny had his last day in the office.  October 1st marks the beginning of a new chapter in the deBruyn Family, as we’re now able to fully devote our time to developing ministry partnerships to join the work that God is doing in Berlin. On October 9th, the EFCA National Office had a special time prayer and commissioning for us as we transition.  What a blessing to have many of those who have walked with us for so many years behind us in support and prayer.

Would you please pray with us during this new season?

Here are some things you can pray for:

  • Pray that God would continue to call people to labor for his kingdom in Berlin, both in partnerships and in new workers willing to invest some of their lives in the city.
  • Pray for transition and adjustments in our family as we figure out new rhythms in life.
  • Pray for continued spiritual growth and encouragement for all in our family, and that we could mutually be an encouragement to others as we meet with them.
  • Pray for a full schedule!  That we’d be intentional in this time of partnership development, that we’d be able to schedule appointments and for God’s spirit to guide those conversations.
  • Pray for neighborhoods, relationships, and God’s leading in our witness to the world.  That we (you too!) would be sensitive to God’s voice in how we can share his love in this world.  Ask God for opportunities to pray with your neighbors and see how he responds!

Fruit from meetings.
We’ve had some really good meetings these last few weeks.  Mike Edwards, the Berlin Team leader was in town, meeting with other leadership from the ReachGlobal Europe Division.  One of those days, we spent with existing and future Berlin Team members clarifying the vision and direction for the Berlin Team, and praying for the city.  While Mike was here, we met with some local pastors in Minneapolis, and spent an afternoon discussing what potential for global ministry partnerships could look like and how people from a local network of churches could be involved in partnering to help reach an influential city like Berlin.  We know that to be a part of making a positive impact in Berlin, it’s going to take a cooperative effort with many individuals, churches, and like-minded organizations coming together, and that we’ll be far more effective and have far greater reach in partnerships than anything we could ever accomplish on our own.  In recent weeks Denny has had a packed schedule meeting with individuals, pastors, and even a “cluster” of pastors from different churches in southwest Minnesota.

Progress Update
As of this week, we’re up to 57% of our monthly support need.  We’re praying that we’d reach 60% by the end of October.  That’s another $350 / month that we need pledged in the next 10 days.  Pray with us.


The Berlin Team, currently living in Berlin:
(left to right)
John and Judy Westrum, Katie Dudgeon, Mike Edwards, John and Steph Hasler, Jim Baker, Erin Underwood (recently returned to the US), Timo Heimlich

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