Sometimes I bake

Well, I suppose I bake more than sometimes if I’m being honest. Yesterday I baked a delicious apple crisp where the crumble topping formed a wonderful crust to the baked apples below. I wish I could share the recipe, but honestly I am still adjusting to ingredients here and so I played the “Let’s swap this for that and hope for the best” game.

a look at some typical baking ingredients

a look at some typical baking ingredients

We heading to a friend’s house for dinner tonight and are bringing dessert. Too bad we ate so much of the crisp because that would have been perfect. Oh well, so I made an attempt at brownies. My amazing husband went to the local grocery store and finally discovered the ingredients I had yet to buy or had yet to even identify.  Note to self: baking powder here does not come in orange boxes and it is not called “Baking Powder” because this isn’t America (The German word is “Backpulver” and it comes in a package of several tiny packets. It translates to both baking soda and powder, this may require further research.) . No wonder I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I looked!

I hope these turn out because I again played my favorite baking game named above. I have been known to create some really good mistake desserts, but I have also been known for some epic fails (chocolate-yogurt-zucchini cake anyone?). I have a backup plan that is fool proof: if these are horrid we will just eat ice cream because honestly I cannot mess that up.

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