Summer fun

Here it is the middle of August and summer at the deBruyn household is coming to a close in just 9 short days. We have done a lot of relaxing, reading, and spending  our evenings with friends.  Even though getting to Berlin is the focus of most of our days we did intentionally spend time enjoying life day to day  as well.

Two weeks ago Isaac and Leah finished up their summer tutoring sessions with Frau Kinney who they have been meeting with weekly for the last year.  We wanted to put Isaac in tutoring because he had two years less language than his classmates. The Germanic American Institute (GAI) allows us to have up to three people in each session so Leah gladly joined her brother and learned alongside him, giving her a head start for kindergarten last fall.  I am so glad that we chose to have the kids spend a year in tutoring, the weekly hour they spent with her was a blessing. We will revisit the option of tutoring again after school starts and their new teachers have had a chance to get to know their abilities.

Fun and yummy Igelbrotchen

We don’t put our kids in many activities, but as Leah was old enough this summer to attend German camp we gave them the opportunity to choose a session. The GAI offers a variety of summer camps and we gave the kids an option of choosing which one they would like the best. They chose a German cooking camp where they attended camp from 9-12 each morning and cooked a traditional German dish each day. They brought home their creations and we enjoyed them for lunch. I started the week off strong taking pictures, but by the end of the week the kids couldn’t wait to eat so they finished their food before the camera made it out.  They made Apfelkuchen (apple cake), Muesli (granola bars), Spätzel, Schnitzel, Gemüse Suppe ein Topf (vegetable soup in a pot) and Iglebrotchen (a bread roll with seeds to make it look like a hedgehog). The kids favorites were the Spätzel and Schnitzel.  I am excited to make the Apfelkuchen at home, if you want to come over for dessert just let us know!

Here is a video of Isaac and Leah singing a song they learned at camp last week.


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