A new January

Every January I attempt to become a homebody, I so desire to hide from the cold and avoid any need to leave my house. I leave for groceries, but other than that I read books, play games with my kids, read books, bake and watch movies long into the night. That used to work great for me- when my kids were younger and napped all afternoon or when my oldest could ride the bus. Now I have three kids who don’t nap and I am the bus for about two hours a day, unless it snows then I basically stay in the car all day. Talking like this makes me miss the bus. And naps. I cannot believe I used to have time in the afternoon when my kids napped and it was quiet….. Sorry, I got side tracked there by the idea of silence.


My newest non-napper and I.

This January I did not get to hide in my home, I did not even consider it. Why? Well, we put our house back on the market on the tenth. That meant that as soon as school started back up on the seventh I had to take down the Christmas tree and clean up all that I had ignored over the holidays. Unfortunately, that meant I had to take down our wall of Christmas cards too. Every picture, or card, we receive gets taped to the pantry doors in the kitchen (letters go in a basket in the kitchen) and we can enjoy seeing all of your photos well into February, this is one of many things about Christmas I really enjoy. This year it had to come down early. Now we randomly dig through the basket to find the one we’re looking for, so they are still there it is just different.


Our Christmas card wall before I had to take it down.

With the kids back in school we are back to having lots of quality time in the car. I never thought I would consider drive time to be quality, but lets just say I have them cornered and talking to me is better than silence. I get to hear about all kinds of interesting things that happen at school and who did what over the weekend. This last Friday I got to hear something new- Micah was singing me a song in German! Obviously I am going to share it with you, below is the link to our youngest’s newest song choice.



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