Berlin Bound!

Our tickets have been purchased!

berlin at dawn

We got the green light a couple weeks ago to buy tickets, and last Friday we secured 5 one way tickets to Berlin.

How does it feel? To be honest, our emotions are mixed. We’ve been on this road toward Berlin for a while now. The last time we were in Berlin was August 2011. Almost three years of sharing about Berlin with people God has brought into our lives. Three years of trusting and taking next steps even when we’ve felt stuck and discouraged at times. These years seem to have passed quickly with a combination of struggles and joy.

In three years Denny and I have spent countless hours talking together about Berlin and what our lives might look like there. Nicole spent a lot of time driving our two oldest to and from school so they can have the ability to communicate and develop relationships with other kids once we arrive. We’ve shared coffee, beer and meals with well hundreds of people talking about how God has lead us to Berlin. If you include the time in prayer and study in this list, you can begin to imagine all that we’ve been investing in this time of preparation. God has stretched us so much, grown us together, and helped us to daily put our trust in Him alone.

Now we are going! We are excited, filled with joy, and happy to see that God has brought us to this point. At the same time we are looking at these last few weeks in the U.S. and thinking- “That’s not enough time.” I find it amusing that now with so few days left I think not enough time and for the last two and a half years I have been praying (begging God) for this day.  So, yes, there are tears both happy and sad and so many other emotions, in case you want to know.

These next few weeks will pass by quickly; our kids will finish school, we’ll continue to work on developing the remaining ministry partners needed to be fully funded, there will be many good-byes. Plus we’ll be packing and completing all the random stuff we need to get done before we fly out. Our day of departure is quickly approaching.

3 thoughts on “Berlin Bound!

  1. It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? But on the whole, a giant step on the path God has prepared for you, and that’s pretty awesome.

  2. Celebrating with you and thankful that our God can bring peace to every emotion you are feeling. You all will sure be missed but we are so excited to partner with you and have a picture in our minds of some of the places you will be!! Most of all we are thankful for God’s presence with you in this journey of waiting and trusting and now of going. He is forever in control and He is good and trustworthy! love you guys!!

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