Last Sunday, we spent a final morning with our Hiawatha family. We’ve been blessed from our last 6.5 years with them. When we first visited Hiawatha we never knew we’d grow to call it home,  but that’s exactly what it has become to us.  Today, we resonate very much with Jesus’ words from Matthew 12:46-50.


Last worship service

Sharing our gratitude

Sharing our gratitude

We were  blessed to have had so many friends and family at church supporting us. Thank you for all who stayed after to say goodbye to us.  We will certainly miss you but are glad we live in a day when our communication doesn’t stop because we’ve left the neighborhood!


Pastors, Overseers, Deacons, and family praying for and with us.

If you missed it on Sunday, or would like to listen to our comissioning from and out of Hiawatha Church, you can download and play the MP3 audio file HERE.

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