First day of School

Isaac and Leah in front of TCGIS

For me fall is a time of new beginnings and I love it. I am not sure I have passed on this love of school and all the change a new year brings to my kids yet, but I am going to try! Of course our summer was too short much like many others of you, but for me that “too short” summer is happily greeted by this day- the first day of school.

Isaac “Third grade, oh yeah!”

Today Isaac started 3rd grade and Leah 1st at Twin Cities German Immersion in St. Paul. It is our second year here and we are excited for all this year will bring. Last year we watched our kids go from no German language skills to being able to communicate quite well.

A couple “first day of school” tidbits:

Isaac’s teacher is from Berlin! It is her first year at TCGIS and we hope to spend some time with her as the year goes on learning all we can about the city we’ll be moving to soon.

Leah’s favorite part of today was seeing all of her friends again after summer break. She also came home with her first piece of homework. I remember being that excited about homework, we’ll see how long it lasts for her.

Isaac’s favorite part of today was seeing his friends and having Menuk (think science and social studies) in the new room that has computers. In 3rd  grade the kids also begin having an English class each day which was very exciting for him too.

Leah had a Schultüte (or Zuckertüte) again this year. This is a German tradition on the first day of first grade the parents fill up a paper cone with toys, treats, and other goodies in celebration of the day. (Yes I did one last year because I was told that is what I was supposed to  do, but then I was told we were supposed to do it for 1st grade so Leah is doubly lucky- I hope she doesn’t expect it every year.)

Leah with her Schultüte.

We are glad our kids will get another year of German language before we move to Berlin and us another year to learn from them. Even Micah will be attending school in German this year as he begins at the Kinderstube next week. Fall is upon us and we’re off and running!

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  1. The success your kids have had at the German Immersion school is really encouraging. As a parent, it’s hard to watch our kids struggle or be in potentially uncomfortable situations . . . I think it’s commendable that you took that leap, in faith that God’s grace would be sufficient, while still in the US where it would have been easy enough to back out or do the ‘easy’ or ‘comfortable’ thing. Sounds like your kids will be so much better off for it and it will make their transition overseas a little smoother. Best of luck!

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