Freezing Photo Art

We had to be out of the house last Saturday for showings so we packed up the kids, ran an errand and after lunch ended up at the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens near the Walker Art Center. It had been years since I had been there, and I am not sure I have ever been in the winter. When we pulled up it was a cool 41 degrees outside so we got geared up and began our trek through the gardens. The kids enjoyed running around and hiding around the sculptures. They also found a dead bird they thought was cool.

Kids pausing momentarily for a picture together.

Kids pausing momentarily for a picture together.

After walking around for a bit we stopped for a photo shoot by the famous cherry on the spoon sculpture. We took some family pictures and then I explained to Isaac about some goofy photos my step-dad Jim used to take of my brother Derek and I growing up. I have some that were framed so it looked like I was touching the top the Washington Monument in  D.C. and Crazy Horse in South Dakota.  Instead of explaining photos of old further, I decided to show him by taking a fun photo of him with the sculpture.

Isaac's fun photo

Isaac’s fun photo

He thought that was too cool. And then Leah wanted a turn.

Leah's turn!

Leah’s turn!

And we couldn’t leave without Denny taking his turn.

Denny- cherry photo

Micah was not interested in pausing to take another picture, even for a second. He was too busy chasing leaves blowing in the bitter cold wind that had blown in. When we got back in the car less than an hour later we were frozen! The wind had dropped the temperature about 12 degrees in the hour we were out having fun. Brrrr!

family- cherry photo


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