I cried over salsa.

If you want a deep moving post- this isn’t it. This is a post about how a little treat from home can move me to embarrassing tears.


The last month we have received multiple care packages from the U.S. and we are feeling the love! Early in July we had a visitor who brought us a box of notes, peanut butter and other home specialties. It was fun to watch the kids negotiate over how much peanut butter we could eat when to make this stash last as long as possible (we still have plenty so the negotiations have ceased for now). Later in July some co-workers brought some stuff we had ordered to their house back for us. Then, we were at conference and we were blessed with another bag of exciting U.S. items.

One of my fav magazines!

One of my fav magazines!

The cried over package came on Monday, really they were all so very special but this one contained a magical treat. We had some visitors from our home church in Minnesota in town for a couple days and they had offered to bring some stuff to us. Our list of requested items was not very exciting: deodorant, some eyeliner, marshmallows, and baking powder. I know, it was not the greatest list of all time, but the up side is that we don’t “need” much from home if this is the extent of our list after a year. Yes, I can find German equivalents to all of those items, but if someone is coming to visit and they can bring it from home then I’ll take it. They brought some notes and a lots of exciting items from home we certainly hadn’t thought of.  Our friends had packaged the items from home like professionals so when they arrived to our house we got to open packages like it was Christmas morning!

Our favorite things!

Some of our favorite things!

Be still our hearts- beers from Minnesota, skittles, a couple new games, the listed “boring but necessary” items, syrup, peanut butter, so many lovely things, and ……. salsa verde. When that jar of green deliciousness came out of the package I squealed and cried, no joke, real tears, and there were witnesses. It is like gold, green-flavorful-fragrant-gold, a green unicorn of delicousness if you will. All those items are wonderful gifts from home, but at the top of our missed list (next to family and friends mind you) is Mexican food. That beauty will be saved until the moment of choice and then it will be savored, I already have amazing plans for it.

The culprit.

The culprit.

This has been a full and wonderful month. We have had visitors from home, we received special packages, went to a conference where we were ministered to, and worked with a great summer team here in Berlin. I am full, my extroverted self has been pushed to the limits for the first time in over a year, but my love tank is over flowing. And when it wanes I will just go enjoy a couple Twizzlers and remember this month.

Thanks for the love Minnesota!

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  1. I totally relate to your enthusiasm for good salsa. I lived in Peru for a year where Mexican food was unheard of, of course. But lo and behold one day I found a jar of salsa on the grocery shelf. Delight in the little things. Happy for you and your treat 🙂

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