Kinderstube, Braces and Housing

Well September was full of lots of excitement, but I never stopped by here to share any. I sincerely hope to post more frequently about stuff on the blog, but for today you’ll get a view of our whirlwind month.

First day of Kinderstube

Micah started at the Kinderstube (preschool) early in September. He attends three mornings a week and is really enjoying it! Each time I pick him up from school he tells me it was so much fun and he did not miss me. After just a few weeks there the kids and I can ask him questions in German and he’ll answer us. He usually answers in English, but he is showing understanding which is a great step.

Micah with daddy at Kinderstube

Isaac got partial braces in mid-September.  They aren’t for cosmetic purposes at this point, although we know that day will probably come, but rather to help a stuck tooth move. He bravely went back and got them put on without either of us with him. That also means he picked out the color of his braces in case you see his smile- that choice was all him.

Isaac and Leah are enjoying school and with the first few weeks behind them we are getting settled into our routine. I started volunteering in the school library one morning a week while Micah is at school. The library part of it is easy, probably because I spend lots of my free time there. Helping decipher what the kids are asking me to help them find on the shelves is another story.  I am usually asked in German one or two times before I either understand or they switch to a language I know.  As a perk I can check out books from the school that Micah and I can read together.

Our house is back available on the market this week. We had an offer that fell through so we are back showing it several times a week. Pray with us that we get an offer and sell soon. Once it sells we’re hoping to look for a rental of some type closer to the kid’s schools or Hiawatha church.

Denny and his little helpers getting the house ready for sale by painting the basement bathroom.

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