We have some exciting news to share!  As of this week, we’ve received more than 51% of our monthly commitments from many generous people who are helping us see the work that God has prepared for us in Berlin.  If you’re some of those people, we are extremely grateful for your partnership.  Please continue to pray with us and ask God to raise up the remaining people and churches He has planned to partner with us on this journey.

Minneapolis to Berlin 51

Our current plans:

We’re praying that God would raise up additional ministry partners so that our monthly commitments can get to 65% by September so Denny can leave his role in the Information Technology department at the EFCA National Office and focus full-time on developing future ministry partnerships that God will use for furthering His Kingdom in Berlin.  Please pray with us to see God’s provision in this way.



IsaacBaptism-12-56-44-3961-Tom deBruyn (683x1024)

Isaac’s Baptism

Isaac was baptized a week ago, Sunday.  More on this later… We love to see our kids faith grow and them desire to walk with the Lord.  It’s such a blessing to get to walk with them in this life and encourage them to deepen their relationship with God.  We’re continually amazed at God’s work in their lives.

This summer has been full of all types of surprises.  Take a couple days ago for example, we received a letter in the mail and apparently during our trip to New Orleans, our car was flagged for some type of ticket on Sunday morning at 9:02 am while we were on our way to church at Trinity EFC in Covington, LA.  We received a notice from our rental car company, and are expecting in 6-7 weeks to see what this $18 fine is for.  We paid our toll on the causeway and we don’t recall speeding through downtown or running any red lights, so we’re curious to see what it’s all about.


Conference was a great time of meeting many people.  Nicole thinks she met over 100 new people at this conference.  We’re hoping that some of the connections we made will be the beginning of relationships with people we can work together for the gospel for years to come.


Denny running the chainsaw, because it’s manly.

Before the conference, we arrived to a tree limb down in our front yard.  Our generous neighbors from Ecuador came over to try and help us, but we ended up needing to get a chainsaw to cut it down the next day.  It’s a good thing too, because arriving home from conference, another tree dropped a major limb, so Denny’s had plenty of practice with the chainsaw if anyone needs help in that area someday.


Our kids at gymnastics

Isaac and Leah both started in a gymnastics program, which they’re both enjoying.  Isaac’s gymnastics instructor is from Europe!  God keeps bringing about these connections.  We pray he continues to use us to share his love in this lost world.

P1090060 (1024x656)

Micah at Soccer

Micah took up playing soccer, and has practice two mornings a week.  The practices are about an hour long, and at 4 years old he really only has patience for about 30 minutes before he’s ready to be done.  Hopefully this training will prove beneficial for building relationships once we get to Germany.  And hopefully during this time we have opportunities to share the Gospel with some of the other families there.  Pray with us for conversations.


Some friends who have been living with us this summer.

We’ve been blessed to be able to share our home with many families so far this summer.  First Nicole’s family came into town, then we spent a few days with some ReachGlobal staff from Belgium talking about ministry in a post-Christian context, and what ‘church’ looks like in that culture.  Right now we are blessed to have some dear friends living in our basement during a transitional period in life. It’s so great to be able to pray with them and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.


Denny and Scott (Belgium) and their 'conference beards'.

Denny and Scott (Belgium) and their ‘conference beards’.

Ministry Highlight:

We were so blessed to be able to get up at 4:45 am and take part of a Berlin City Team meeting.  We video-conferenced in to see our teammates and spent the morning drinking coffee, hearing about developments in Berlin, hearing about the big-picture vision from T.J. Addington (a Senior Vice President of the EFCA and Leader of ReachGlobal who was in Berlin for the meeting) and praying with our teammates and future-teammates.  This was such an encouragement to us and really helped in feeling more connected to what is happening there.  Please pray with us that God would get us there quickly!


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