The Bucket List

I have always liked the idea of a bucket list.  Setting goals for fun and enjoyment is not something I am great at, but this bucket list idea is exactly that. As we were preparing to move, the kids and I were talking about things we will miss about home. Truly, we didn’t do a lot in Burnsville. Our church is in Minneapolis, school in St. Paul, Denny worked in Bloomington, and after our neighbors moved we didn’t have many close friends in Burnsville either.  Still there are those local favorites we had like Jensen’s Café, delicious.  This chatter about things we will miss brought up two thoughts for me. One was that we are going to need a special notebook to move with us so we can record the things we miss after we are in Berlin. I have explained to the kids the list will start long and get smaller with time.


The second, is making individual bucket lists.  I gave them a week to think about 5 things each that they would like to do before we left MN. We decided more than five was okay, but realistically we cannot do everything so we would have to be intentional about choosing things we seriously wanted. Their ideas were much different than I had anticipated. Most of the time when one of them gave an idea they all wanted to do it.

We like to party with our hot tea, Rummikub and Blitz.

We like to party with our hot tea, Rummikub and Blitz.

This past weekend we took care of four things off of the bucket lists. I wanted to see my mom, brother, and sisters again before we moved so we took a road trip (something off my bucket list). Denny had been traveling for work so he met us in Indy.  The roads were terrible and the drive was insane, but the weekend with family was perfect! I am so glad we had this opportunity to spend a few days with my family in the midst of these interesting days.  We spent  a bunch of time relaxing, playing games, drinking tea, reading books, and going out for some delicious food (Thai and Arabic, mmmmm).


The boys with Uncle Matt after they put together this 3D puzzle.

Leah and her Aunties digging for dinosaur bones at the Children's museum

Leah and her Aunties digging for dinosaur bones at the Children’s museum

Other things checked off the bucket lists:

Jensen’s Café (Isaac’s)

Swimming (Leah’s)

Eat fish sandwich at Culvers (Isaac’s)

See Grandma in Indy (Leah and Nicole)

Children’s Museum (Micah, we did Indy and may still do Mpls.)

Café Latte (done, but once isn’t enough for me)

Jiffy Burger at Blue Door (Isaac’s)

Mmmmmm Jiffy Burger

Mmmmmm Jiffy Burger


Next on the bucket list: The Lego Movie (on all three kids lists!)

4 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. great perspective – the list will be long, but will get shorter and shorter; things you miss desperately you will come back for a HA and go – so what is the big deal about that – where is my German food! I would have to say that breakfast at Jensen’s would be on my bucket list if i had one!

  2. This is a fun way to do it.:) Awesome. I’m glad that Cafe Latte stays on the list even though you’ve already done it – good call.

  3. Terri- I really enjoy desserts so that is a hard questions. My favorite from there is the Diablo cake which is kind of spicy but delicious with coffee or red wine. Mmmm. I’ve only tried one I won’t eat again and that was the fruit pizza type tart. Good, but not the best;)

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