The kids thoughts on one year here

Our one year anniversary in Berlin is this week so I figured it was time to do an interview and let you know what our kids have to say about that. I thought about editing a couple answers, but I decided to allow them to be candid responses.

The kids at Teirpark June

The kids at Teirpark June

What questions do people ask you the most often?

I: People from Europe ask: Are you from England? People from home ask: What is your favorite food there? (Answer: Döner, Currywurst, and Omeletta) Where is your favorite place in Berlin?

L: Where do you like living more? Are you learning new things at school? Do you like the food? Are you making friends?

M: How have I been at Kita? (Kindergarten)

What do you miss the most?

I: Friends and waffles

L: Family, corncakes, friends, colored sprinkles

M: Family and friends

What is your favorite thing about Berlin?

I: There are lots of places to play and rest.

L: I have a friend who lives close.

M: That I am going to go to school.

What do you think should everyone know about Berlin?

I: They are really careful with their garbage (it is sorted) and have lots of trees.

L: People pee on the street.

M: (Lists a bunch of sites to see.) And that there is lots of ice cream here.

What is the coolest thing you have done?

I: Definitely black light mini golfing.

L: Victory column because the view was nice.

M: The Russian fest. I had a huge cotton candy.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen here?

I: I don’t know, lots of stuff.

L: A rat in the neighbor’s basement.

M: Dog poop on the sidewalk.

What is your favorite German word?

I: Geil (please note this is slang for awesome)

L: Na, und? (Yeah and?)

M: Spree (the name of the river in Berlin)

Has anything about Berlin surprised you?

I: Yeah, it costs money to use the bathroom.

L: There is better chocolate here.

M: No.

What was their reaction when I told them it has been almost a year?

I: That is a long time, I still am sad sometimes because I miss my family.

L: (Wide eyed) Um, I feel crazy, because it doesn’t feel like it has been that long.

M: It makes me miss home.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

I: Sixth graders get out early sometimes. And I’ll be old enough to see other movies.

L: (Deep breath and a sigh) Camp?

M: Going to school. (Said with a fist pump)

Is there anything you want people to know?

I: That I already have friends and a school that works for me.

L: That strangers, like that drunk guy, just come up and talk to you.

M: That I am having fun.


Hope you enjoyed their lists. Another humorous note: we now have two kids who rock socks with their sandals and our daughter has somehow forgotten about the concept of free refills on drinks. I look forward to writing down some of my thoughts about our first year here later this week.

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