We moved!

There are so many steps in this journey to Berlin. Some feel like they are just shuffles forward (or backward sometimes) and some feel like leaps ahead.  These last couple weeks have felt like a big huge blind leap. As scary as that may seem, isn’t this type of thing that we have the most opportunities to step out and trust in the Lord? These past few weeks have been difficult, yet God has met us in and brought us through this time. Thanks to God, our transition has been easier, in part because of the people He has brought alongside us during this time.



Our living room after all the boxes were moved out.

What happened? We moved. Not THE big move, but we left our home of 8 and a half years. This move was expected and even planned for, but the emotional weight of it was difficult to anticipate. For the last couple months I have been going through each room piece by piece deciding what items should be relocated to Germany with us, which items need to be stored here and which we can part ways with. Some of this work was easy, most was challenging.  Let me tell you – 8 ½ years in one house with three kids makes for a lot of stuff! We didn’t have much when we bought our house and we had even less when we moved out three weeks ago.  It’s interesting to feel so much lighter after leaving. Less stuff, less worry, just less.


It was hard to say goodbye, but it’s the next step toward THE BIG move. Days before moving I received a phone call from a wise woman who told me that this is an encouraging step. Difficult and painful, but it’s an encouragement because it means we’re almost there. Almost there, that sounds so wonderful to me.

The kids were worried they would forget their home so they did a short tour of the entire house. (We’ll post a video of that in the comments.)  Afterward, their uncle asked them if they had written their names on the house anywhere. Nope, the idea had never even occurred to me. He took them downstairs and found the perfect place- and to our surprise we discovered the previous owners had already started the tradition!  What a bitter-sweet moment.


“To whomever buys this house, May you have good memories in it like our family did!”


All three kids signed their names and ages in the basement under the steps. Forever leaving their mark on our Burnsville home.

We’re as settled as we’ll be before the big move. The kids transitioned very well. The first couple days were hard for them but the two houses we’re staying at are loving us all so well it is making this transition so much easier.

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