Week of Thanksgiving- today is Leah’s day!

I had grand plans for November, I did. I planned on writing a thankfulness post weekly interviewing each of our kids and having Denny and I post as well. Now here it is the week of Thanksgiving and I haven’t posted any thing all month, so much for a month of great thank-filled blog posts. I guess you’ll just get a week of thank-filled blog posts instead. Today is Leah’s day! 

We are so grateful for each of our children, as any parent is I know. This week instead of telling you all why I am so thankful for each of them we’ll post their personal thoughts on Thanksgiving and a short list of what they are most thankful for. I am not coaching answers, these questions and answers are word for word how we asked and they answered.

What is Thanksgiving? “A time we share love with our friends.”

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? “Chicken and mac ‘n cheese.”

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? “What is a tradition? (I answered) Oh, okay- going to Grandma and Grandpa deBruyn’s house.”

Leah’s Thanksgiving art work.

Tell me 5 things you are the most thankful for:

1. God dying on the cross.

2. My family.

3. Our love.

4. Auntie Rachel.

5. God.

This is really a true reflection of our daughter. She is a grateful, generous little lady who loves the Lord and we cannot get enough of her. I asked Leah to draw a Thanksgiving picture for you all. In her mind we eat chicken for Thanksgiving (top left drawing), but fear not all you who love tradition we really do eat turkey.

“Happy Thanksgiving!”

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